'Another passion...films'
After completing ‘Masters in Communication’ from Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, Himanshu’s journey became a proverbial roller coaster ride, with more downs than ups. Himanshu feels, that in many ways, his friends and he were babes in the woods. They knew nothing of the outside world. With time, came learning. She was a tough mistress and they learned several hard lessons.

Giving up ‘steady jobs’ with Jain Studios and TV Today, Himanshu decided to become a freelancer. It was not as cool as it sounded. But at least he was not alone. He found a partner in arms - Kapil Batra - an extremely talented friend. Together they started a firm called MIME, short for Media Intermix Enterprises. They had no work.

The person to whom Himanshu says he owes his career - Vinod Dua - then came to their rescue. He became their friend, philosopher & guide. Himanshu and Kapil did not look back after that. Mime became Mime Television Pvt. Ltd. It is still going strong.

They make corporate films, series, news and current affairs programmes, chat shows, game shows, documentaries for major TV Channels and corporate houses.