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Each composition in this gallery is a labour of love and each one has been written, composed, sung and arranged without any pre-conceived agenda. In two sets, Echoes and Nostalgia, Himanshu collaborated with a very talented composer-arranger Sawan Dutta. Echoes was part of Himanshu’s first creative attempt where he wrote, composed and sang the three compositions. Sawan did the arrangement and the mix. The credit for making the song Kothe Te goes to another extremely talented and gifted musician, Sandy. Before he shifted to Mumbai, Sandy made music in Delhi. One evening he asked Himanshu to sing any rare melody. He took the recording to Mumbai and three months later a CD was delivered to Himanshu with the beautiful, finished track.



Gita Govindam
One of the most difficult assignments that Himanshu undertook was singing the Ashtapadis from Gita Govindam by Jaidev. He did this project for Ambika Panicker, an Odissi dance exponent. The compositions are in Sanskrit and the tracks were recorded live, with flute, sitar and pakhawaj for accompaniment.
Gita Govindam

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